Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Afternoon Among Apple Trees

 Tuesday of Fall Break found Ben and I both off from work and studies, and thus in need of adventuring. Because it is really and finally fall, and because it was 85 degrees of amazing, we went across the river to Indiana to Huber's Farm and Winery.

Looking down on our apartment from Southern's main campus

Our day at Huber's started by finding a letter from Chico, my cat at my parent's house, to Meika, mine and Ben's pit bull. It read:
Dear Meika,
I do not miss you. Go buy some bones.
Love, Chico

So, thanks...Chico....and mostly Mom, for sponsoring our autumnal adventure!
Walking among the apple trees after a hayride to the orchard.
The branches were so heavy with round, hard beautiful apples!

I could only eat one apple: a hard, tart Nittany.

Ben, on the other hand, ate four.

Yummmmmm. He looks so happy!

Meanwhile, back at the Farmer's Market, there was cider and pumpkin bread for sampling.
And there were lots and lots of pumpkins
Ice cream and cheese together at last?! It's like a perfect marriage!
That is pumpkin nut icecream.
It's cold, but it's spicy and cinamonny so it tastes like it should be warm.
So strange. So, so good. Like frozen pie filling.
In between icecream and going home, we found ponds full of giant koi and a heron and some ducks. And I fell asleep in the sunshine.

And we finished the day with fried apples and sausage:
an homage to  fall harvests and the Creator of apple orchards!

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