Tuesday, August 23, 2011

After a First Attempt at Sleep


Ben and I made the mistake of drinking three cups each of a strong Arabian tea at a neighbor's house. It was in tumblers, practically; we didn't think it could be so caffeinated. Now I'm up and getting ready to paint. Whatever time this blog post will say it is, make no mistake: it is 1:48 am, August 24. Oh, well. I, like so many writers before me, most of whom suffered from psychosis, work best at night anyway. Maybe one day I'll give birth to the great American Psychotic novel. Maybe one day I'll give birth to nocturnal animals who won't mind that I stay awake until 2 so that I can't get up to feed them during the daylight hours.
Ben said he would get up to read, but he hasn't. I suspect a ploy to get me out of the bed so he could sleep without me muttering to myself.

 Yesterday, I re-sent an application to the American Printing House for the Blind for the Audio Book Editor position. I don't know that they'll see my experience fleshed out in my resume, so I want them just to talk to me. I'll call again Thursday. Not that I'm desperate for employment or anything...
I called another small publisher, Memoria Press, but they aren't hiring writers right now. Tomorrow, I'll go to the Communications Office on campus and see if they're hiring staff writers. That would be a really ideal job, since I wouldn't have to use the car.

My husband just got up. One of the best thngs about being married is having someone else up at the crazy hours I am. I don't know that we're always co-conspirators, but we're at least poor planners in league. No no no more Arabian tea at 9:30!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Fairest Fairs

Ben and I just came back from the farmer's market at Beargrass Christian Church and oh my goodness I cannot wait to take my mother (or Ben's)! Fresh cheeses, loaves from Great Harvest Bread Company, Sunergos coffee (started by Southern students), crepes, breakfast burritos, and fresh tamales! And then of course farmers from Kentucky and Indiana sharing their peaches and herbs and cantalopes and eggplants with us.

Now all need is a job so I can stock my fridge and my belly! Speaking of which, the Southern Seminary job fair was on Thursday. It produced some interesting results: two companies that have contacted me since and one that I will stay in touch with because they manage employment for a company seeking copywriters.

Herein lies my quandry: Do I take a job that God provides because I need the money, even if it isn't my dream job? Or do I wait on God to show me something that I'll love and want to do long term? This is the quandry of the young adult world right now; at least all of us who haven't found employers eager to fund our dearest ambitions.

I think my best find this week has potentially been Consuming Louisville, which although very tofu-happy, is the documenting of new meets and eats all over the city. I plan to follow their adventures until I know the city well enough to discover my own.

And now I'm off to work on a new story while my very studious husband reads oh-so-many chapters of theology.


PS: I tried my first Heine Bros (pronounced Hiney) latte on Wednesday. It was good: smooth and not too sweet. But $4.72 is too too much for a medium latte and they spilled it down the side of the cup. And there were no big comfy chairs. I rate it a 6/10.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Friends in a New City

Megen writing!

Well, the job hunt officially began yesterday. After two years as a behavioral counselor, I think it's time to take a break from kids and counseling and look for a job in my major, though a local private school says I can teach AP European History without a teaching certificate. tempting...

I've applied on campus, though they only have part-time positions available right now. Today, most interestingly, I sent my resume to the American Printing House for the Blind to work as an Audio Book Editor. Basically, I'd work with narrators on pronunciation and flow and then edit the recordings. So, I'm hopeful!

Today we ate dinner at KT's Restaurant and I had my first Kentucky Hot Brown. This was especially cool because we ate with Brian Kettring and his family, who my parents knew the last time I lived in Louisville, as a three-year-old. Their daughter, Emily, was my first best friend and we have many home videos together. She is now married to a seminary student, too! Brian also had some good stories about my dad biking in 80's style tennis shorts. So that image has now been seared into my mind. Thank you sir.

One of the most surreal things about Louisville has been re-meeting people and places that I've known my whole life. Louisville is home to my earliest childhood memories and yet a totally new city, full of discoveries and promised explorations.

Speaking of which, the goal for tomorrow is to learn to drive these streets without Ben in the car. Pray extra hard for me.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey There from Louisville!

Megen writing! I've got four days to cover, but I hate to read long posts, so I'll keep it snappy.

We've now been in our new apartment for six days and on our own (without my family) since last Friday. Since arriving, there has been no doubt in our minds that this is where we need to be. It has been a little hard not having a job or people that I know yet, but God has even been quick to show me that he's faithful in the unsettled places.

Here are some snapshots of His loveliness:
Two weeks ago, my aunt in Georgia told me that Logan and Lauren, the youth intern at her church and his wife, were going to Southern and were looking for housing. Friday afternoon, our next door neighbors moved in so Ben and I went to help. I'd heard someone say "Logan," but thought, No way! Why do I ever "No way" God? Logan asked what part of Georgia I was from, and I immediately knew that this was the couple I had started praying for two weeks ago. God intentionally chose our next door neighbors from my tiny Georgian hometown!  Our families live on the same road!

We took our dog to Cherokee Park and walked for an hour in sunshine. One of the best things about Louisville is the parks everywhere. Sometimes I forget I live in a city because of the huge old trees all around us.

Also Saturday, we had our first Kentucky storm. Sometimes God shows up in sunny days and hikes in the park. Sometimes He shows off his power in a storm that knocks out electricity for half of Louisville and bends  billboards over until they fall on gas station roofs...

One of our callings in Spotsylvania was to be in a specific church filling specific leadership roles. We knew the church he had set out for us even before we left college. It was a joy to be used in those ways. Here, though, there is a new joy: the church hunt!  Yesterday, we tried out Ninth and O Baptist. It was full of people who were genuinely interested in where we came from and what God was doing in our lives. We sang hymns and praise choruses and  clapped along with a drum set (the drummer was probably older than my dad. It was awesome). In Sunday School, we talked about submission and divorce (see Mark 10). Then we ate with a big group of acquaintances at Culver's, which supposedly has better icecream than DQ. We'll see....
But best of all, for me the extrovert, was dinner at a friend's house...even though I still had to cook it! Josh was one of Ben's friends from orientation and is one of the most comfortable people I've ever met. Also, he owns every season of Gilmore Girls. Ben I think I found your best friend...

And today, Monday, begins the job hunt. Ben just left for class, so I think this is a good time for exploring on my own...